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Turkish android is company based in the city of istanbul , in place of Beşiktaş , We are developing applications for Android system since a long time , Our experts can help you realizing every application you need , So you can ask us if you have any idea and you want to realize it in reality , Also we are ready for any partnership , if you already used our applications and you enjoy them so help us improve them more , Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your opinion or suggestions or any other question.

Real imei Changer (version pro) :

congratulations for testing successfully our application (Real imei changer) now you can buy the version pro and fix the imei to your chosen number. How ? 1-You should pay 3$ to us by bitcoin or Ethereum or Paypal. 2- send your two number of imei by email to us, example (1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1 and 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1) 3- we should develop one application (just for you) to change your imei , just for one method (example MTK67XX). 4- download it and save it and use it unlimited use. 5- if you want other methods (like MTK65XX) you should pay other 3 $ 6- if the application do not fix your imei we can't refund you , you must try the trial version from google play store and make sure that it work in your phone.: if you have question contact us by email (contact@turkishandroid.com) for more information